International of Socialist Youth

International of Socialist Youth, Internationale Sozialistische Jugendbewegung, Internationale de la Jeunesse Socialiste, Socialist Youth International, Sozialistische Jugend Internationale
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Founded: 1923
Sources: HB 1929, HB 1936


HB 1929: The Assembly HB 1936: Membres du Bureau


Members in these countries

In twenty-eight countries (forty-two organisations). HB 1936: National Organisations in the following countries: .... and Fédération internationale des étudiants socialistes (Bruxelles) et Organisation mondiale de la Jeunesse socialiste juive (Varsovie). HB 1938: National organisations in the United States of America, the Argentine, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Danzig, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Poland, Rumania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Yugoslavia. The International Federation of Socialist Students (London) and the "Dror" World Organisation of Jewish Socialist Youth (Warsaw) are also represented.
Argentina (since 1936) , Austria (since 1938) , Belgium (since 1936) , Bulgaria (since 1938) , Czechoslovakia (since 1936) , Dantzig (since 1936) , Denmark (since 1936) , Estonia (since 1938) , Finland (since 1936) , France (since 1936) , Georgia (since 1938) , Germany (since 1938) , Greece (since 1936) , Hungary (since 1936) , Italy (since 1938) , Latvia (since 1938) , Lithuania (since 1938) , Luxembourg (since 1936) , Netherlands (since 1936) , Poland (since 1936) , Romania (since 1936) , Spain (since 1938) , Sweden (since 1936) , Switzerland (since 1936) , Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (since 1938) , United Kingdom (since 1936) , United States of America (since 1936) , Yugoslavia (since 1938) ,



HB 1929: To unite and educate socialist youth. HB 1936: Se plaçant sur le terrain de la lutte de classe, doit entretenir des relations constantes avec toutes les fédérations de la jeunesse socialiste, encourager tous les efforts en vue de créer des fédérations de la jeunesse socialiste; organiser des journées internationales de la jeunesse et des rencontres. HB 1938: Basing itself on the class struggle, the International's task is to keep in constant touch with all Socialist youth federations and to foster all endeavours to set up such federations; it also organises international youth-days and contacts.


HB 1929: Proceedings of the Congresses 1923 and 1926; The International Socialist Youth Movement (pamphlet) ; Report on the activity of the Y.S.I, in the years 1923-26; Socialist Youth's International Press Service (monthly). HB 1936: Actes des Congrès internationaux. L'Internationale de la Jeunesse socialiste, Internazionale Sozialistische Jugendkorrespondenz (bulletin mensuel. HB 1938: Proceedings of the International Congresses, International Bulletin of Socialist Youth (a monthly bulletin published in English, French, German and Danish).


HB 1929: Congresses: Hamburg 1923, Amsterdam 1926; Youth-day, 1926, Amsterdam. HB 1936, 1938: Congrès internationaux à Hambourg (1923); Amsterdam (1926); Vienne (1929); Prague (1932). Rencontres de la Jeunesse à Amsterdam (1926); Vienne (1929); Liège (1934).