Prague: Czechoslovakia

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People from this place

  • Dr. A. Goldstein Committee of Jewish Delegations and Executive Committee for the World Jewish Congress (Member of a Committee)
  • Dr. Milde Freethinkers International Union (Member)
  • H. Frank Congress of Organised Ethnical Minorities (Nationalities) in European Countries (Vice President)
  • G. de Szüllo Congress of Organised Ethnical Minorities (Nationalities) in European Countries (Vice Chairman)
  • Dr. J. Klose The International Peoples College (President)
  • Vaclav Schuster Pan-European Union (Member of the Central Committee) / International Committee of the European Economic and Customs Union (Permanent Delegate)
  • Vaclav Nemecek International Social Insurance Conference (Chairman)
  • Dr. h. c. E. Zimmler International Permanent Delegation of Sanitary Technique and Town Hygiene (President)
  • Prof. Dr. Edward Reich International Commission for Instruction in Agriculture (Member) / International Federation of Agricultural Brainworkers (Secretary General) / International Federation of the Agricultural Press (Member)
  • Dr. Bohuslav Horak International Centre of Rural Broadcasting (Vice President)
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