United Kingdom

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  • Sir Evelyn Ruggles-Brise International Prison Commission (President) / International Prison Commission (Honorary President)
  • Sir Thomas Barlow Permanent Committee for International Medical Congresses (Vice President)
  • Kenneth Maclennan International Mission Study Council (President)
  • Reverend Dr. William H. Drummond International Congress of Free Christian and Other Religious Liberals (Executive Secretary) / World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship throughout the Churches (International Secretary)
  • A. H. Nankivell International Catholic Work IKA (President)
  • Alfred Fowler International Astronomical Union (General Secretary)
  • Reverend Dr. John Clifford Baptist World Allliance (President) / World Brotherhood Federation (Honorary President)
  • Reverend James Henry Rushbrooke Baptist World Allliance (Commissioner) / Baptist World Allliance (General Secretary)
  • Sir Henry George Lyons International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (General Secretary) / International Council of Scientific Unions (Secretary General) / International Research Council (Secretary General)
  • Dr. Maude Elizabeth Seymour Abbott International Association of Medical Museums (Secretary-Treasurer) / International Women Suffrage Alliance (Secretary General) / Open Door International for the Economic Emancipation of the Woman Worker (Honorary Secretary) / Open Door International for the Economic Emancipation of the Woman Worker (Member of a Committee)
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