United States of America

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People from this place

  • Harvey Wiley Commission Internationale d'Unification des Méthodes d'Analyse des Denrées Alimentaires (Vice President)
  • Clark Mell Eichelberger Commission Internationale des Éphémérides (Member) / Commission Internationale des Éphémérides (President)
  • Dr. William Seaman Bainbridge Permanent Committee of International Congresses of Military Medecine and Pharmacy (Member)
  • C. O. Dr. Mailloux International Electrotechnical Commission (President) / International Conference of the Principal High Tension Electrical Systems (Honorary President)
  • George Ellery Hale International Research Council (Member of a Committee)
  • F. W. Rubien International Amateur Athletic Federation (President)
  • Margaret Dreier Robins International Congress of Working Women (President) / International Federation of Working Women (President)
  • M. Swartz International Congress of Working Women (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • A. C. Bedford International Chamber of Commerce (Vice President)
  • Cornelius Fellowes International Ice-Hockey League (President)
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