Vienna: Austria

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People from this place

  • Ludwig Maier International Secretariat of Postal, Telegraphic and Telephonic Workers (Secretary)
  • Léon Steinig World Union of Jewish Students (Secretary General) / International Student Service (Member of the Assembly) / International Labour Office (League of Nations staff) / LoN Social Questions and Opium Traffic Section (LoN Member of Section)
  • Prof. Stephan Meyer International Commission on Radium Standards (Secretary)
  • Ernest Reitler Association Internationale pour l'Essai des Matériaux (General Secretary)
  • His Excellency Constantin Dumba Federal Committee of European Co-Operation (Vice President) / International Federation of League of Nations Societies (Vice President)
  • Heinrich Mataja International Committee of Democratic Action for Peace (Member of a Committee)
  • Emmy Freundlich International Co-Operative Women's Guild (President) / International Cooperative Women's Committee (President) / European Economic Union (Vice President)
  • Dr. H. Stigleitner International Thrift Institute (Honorary Treasurer) / International Thrift Institute (Treasurer)
  • Stephan Karpeles-Schenker International Federation of Forwarding Organisations (Vice President)
  • Dr. Otto Ryhenstroth International Balthinum Union (Director)
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