International Federation of Technical Agriculturists

International Federation of Technical Agriculturists, Fédération Internationale des Techniciens Agronomes
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Founded: 1930
Sources: HB 1931, HB 1936


Central Committee


Relationships with other Organisations

Members in these countries

Afghanistan (since 1931) , Argentina (since 1931) , Belgium (since 1931) , Bulgaria (since 1931) , Canada (since 1931) , Chile (since 1931) , Czechoslovakia (since 1931) , Denmark (since 1931) , Egypt (since 1931) , France (since 1931) , Germany (since 1931) , Greece (since 1931) , Hungary (since 1931) , Italian Colonies (since 1931) , Italy (since 1931) , Netherlands (since 1931) , Poland (since 1931) , Portugal (since 1931) , Romania (since 1931) , Spain (since 1931) , Switzerland (since 1931) , Union of South Africa (since 1931) , Uruguay (since 1936) , Yugoslavia (since 1931) ,



To establish and promote relations between experts in agriculture in different countries with a view to the protection in the international sphere of their various activities and with a view further to mutual assistance and the co-ordination of their efforts in questions of common interest relating to agriculture. HB 1931 Etablir et encourager des relations entre experts agricoles des différents pays, en vue de la protection, dans le domaine international, de leurs diverses formes d'activité; développer entre eux l'assistance mutuelle et coordonner leurs efforts dans les questions d'intérêt commun relatives à l'agriculture. HB 1936


Annual subscriptions of Associations; contributions of public and private institutions; income from the sale of publication, etc. HB 1931 Contributions annuelles des associations; contributions d'institutions publiques et privées; produit de la vente des publications, etc. HB 1936

General facts

First International Conference, which approved the Statute and the constitution of the Bureau of the Federation. HB 1931 Première conférence internationale tenue à Rome, en novembre 1930, qui a approuvé les statuts et la constitution du Bureau de la Fédération. Deuxième conférence tenue à Prague, en juin 1931. Troisième conférence à Berlin, en janvier 1932. Quatrième conférence à Rome, en octobre 1932. Cinquième conférence à Budapest, en juin 1934. HB 1936


"La Technique agricoleinternationele", quarterly review HB 1931 La Technique agricole internationale, revue trimestrielle. HB 1936


Preparation of international conferences and of meetings of the Central Committee; propaganda; various publications HB 1931 Préparation de conférences internationales et des réunions du Comité central, propagande, publications diverses. HB 1936