International Conference on Private Law Affecting Air Questions

International Conference on Private Law Affecting Air Questions, Conférence Internationale de Droit Privé Aérien
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Founded: 27/10/1925
Sources: HB 1929



Members in these countries

The Governments of the following countries:
Albania , Argentina , Austria , Belgium , Brazil , Chile , China , Colombia , Czechoslovakia , Denmark , Dominican Republic , Egypt , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Guatemala , Hungary , Italy , Japan , Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia , Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Mexico , Monaco , Netherlands , Paraguay , Peru , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Siam , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Turkey , Union of Soviet Socialist Republics , United Kingdom , United States of America , Uruguay , Venezuela ,


Progressive codification of private law affecting air questions.


No budget. The expenses of the first conference were borne by the French Government. Those of future conferences will be borne by the Governments which extend the hospitality of their territory to the Conference.

General facts

The Conference met for the first time in 1925. It set up a small technical committee to prepare draft conventions for discussion by the Conference. This committee, which is known as the International Technical Committee of Legal Experts on Air Questions (Comité international technique d'Experts juridiques aériens) (C.I.T.E.J.A.), has held three sessions, in 1926, 1927 and 1928, and is continuing its work. The Conference will meet again when this committee has prepared such drafts.


Yellow Book of the first Conference (published by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), containing a draft international convention concerning the responsibility of the carrier in international air transport, etc.