International Committee for the Study of Clouds

International Committee for the Study of Clouds, Commission Internationale pour l'Étude des Nuages
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Founded: 1921
Sources: HB 1923, HB 1925, HB 1929



Members in these countries

At the end of the Memberlist "etc." (HB 1925)
Belgium (1923-1936) , France (1923-1936) , Germany (1929-1936) , Italy (1923-1936) , Japan (1923-1936) , Netherlands (1929-1936) , Norway (1923-1936) , Poland (1929-1936) , Portugal (1929-1936) , Sweden (1923-1936) , Switzerland (1923-1936) , Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1929-1936) , United Kingdom (1923-1936) , United States of America (1929-1936) ,


Étudier les nuages et leur stratification; faire les recommandations concernant la réédition de là Carte internationale des nuages ; préparer un supplément en vue d'une coopération internationale pour une étude plus détaillée (HB 1925) To study the classification of clouds and to standardise methods of deteimining them, having regard to height, speed and development, and to study clouds at high altitudes and the different conditions of the sky. To publish an International Cloud Chart. (HB 1929)


Roneoed circulars are sent out to members. (HB 1929)