International Painters' Federation

International Painters' Federation, Internationaler Bund der Maler, Fédération Internationale des Peintres, Internationella Målareförbundet
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Founded: 1911
Sources: HB 1938


A Governing Council. The Secretary is assisted by two members belonging to the country in which the Secretariat is established. There is also a Committee of four members from different countries.


Members in these countries

43,820 members in the following countries:
Czechoslovakia , Denmark , Finland , Hungary , Netherlands , Norway , Scotland , Sweden , Switzerland , Yugoslavia ,



To strengthen the international solidarity of the working class, and to defend and further the economic and social interests of all workers in the painting and varnishing trades.


The subscription is 5 Dutch centimes per member per annum.

General facts

After various tentative movements, the first steps towards the foundation of the Secretariat were taken in 1903 by Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland at Berlin. A Conference was held at Leipzig in 1907, and another at Munich in 1911. In the latter year, another Congress was held at Zurich, when the Secretariat was established. Conferences took place at Vienna (1927), Copenhagen (1928), Prague (1931) and Copenhagen (1934).


Bulletin (five times a year), reports, proceedings.