International Gas Union

International Gas Union, Internationale Vereinigung der Gasindustrie, Union Internationale de l'Industrie du Gaz
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Founded: 1931
Sources: HB 1938


A Council consisting of two delegates per member Association ; a Bureau consisting of Chairman, Honorary Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and a Secretary General.


Members in these countries

Gas Associations of the following countries:
Australia , Austria , Belgium , Canada , Czechoslovakia , France , Germany , Italy , Netherlands , Poland , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom , United States of America , Yugoslavia ,



Study of all questions connected with the gas industry, with a view to promoting technical and economic progress.


An annual subscription paid by all the members of the Union provides the necessary funds.

General facts

The first Congress, held in London in June 1931, was exclusively devoted to the constitution of the Union. The second Congress, held at Zurich in September 1934, was the first effective Congress, during which reports and papers were read. The third Congress took place at Paris in June 1937.


Minutes of the different meetings of the Bureau, of the Council and the Committees. Reports and papers read at the Congresses, Records of the Congresses.


Meeting of an International Gas Congress every three years; Meeting of the Council at least once a year. Meetings several times a year of the Bureau and of the different International Committees of Enquiry.