International Federation of National Associations of Teachers in Public Secondary Schools

International Federation of National Associations of Teachers in Public Secondary Schools, Internationale Vereinigung der nationalen Verbände der Lehrer an öffentlichen höheren Schulen, Fédération Internationale des Fédérations Nationales des Membres du Personnel de l'Enseignement Secondaire Officiel, International Federation of Secondary School Teachers, Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de l'Enseignement Secondaire Officiel
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Founded: 1912
Sources: HB 1936, HB 1938


The Executive Committee. (HB 1938)


Members in these countries

Affiliated federations in the following countries:
Belgium , Bulgaria , Czechoslovakia , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Hungary , Italy , Latvia , Luxembourg , Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Spain , Sweden , United Kingdom , Yugoslavia ,



To cultivate friendship and international unity between all its members ; to promote the progress of secondary education; to study mp^s of enabling young persons who have to live abroad to continue their studies there without loss or delay; to endeavour to improve the material and moral situation of teaching staff; to collaborate with general official or private associations pursuing the same objects. (HB 1938)


Annual subscriptions of affiliated, federations at the rate of 40 French centimes per member. (HB 1938)


International Bulletin, issued as a rule four times a year. (HB 1938)


International congresses held at; Ghent, 1913; Strasburg, 1920; Paris, 1921; Luxemburg, 1922; Prague, 1923; Warsaw, 1924; Belgrade, 1925; Geneva, 1926; Paris, 1927; Bucharest, 1928; The Hague, 1929; Brussels, 1930; Paris, 1931; London, 1932; Riga, 1933; Rome, 1934; Oxford, 1935. (HB 1938)