Theosophical World University Association

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Founded: 1927
Sources: HB 1929


The Council, consisting of the Rector, the Principal, the Director of Studies, the Registrar and the Assistant Registrars of the University, ex officio, together with two representatives appointed by each national section of the Association




HB 1929: To further the aims and principles of the theosophical World University and to co-ordinate the educational theosophical activities in all countries.


HB 1929: Annual subscription of national sections, groups and members.

General facts

HB 1929: The theosophical World-University Association was founded in 1927 in London, when a group of the theosophical Educational Trust decided to form an international nucleus to promote and support the ideals of the theosophical World University. The first general meeting of the Association was held in London in June 1927, a second at Ommen, Holland, in August 1927, and a third in Brussels in July 1928.


HB 1929: Meetings, publishing activities, correspondence, interchange of information, congresses.