Buenos Aires: Argentina

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People from this place

  • Luis Agustin Podesta Costa LoN Legal Section (LoN Legal Adviser) / LoN Under-Secretary-General's Office (LoN Under Secretary General)
  • José H. Porto LoN Economic and Financial Section (LoN Member of Section)
  • Heron Charles Goodhart LoN Translation (LoN Translator)
  • Sanguinetti International Bureau of Catholic Journalists (Member of a Council)
  • Dr. Gregorio Aráoz Alfaro Institut International Américain pour la Protection de l'Enfance (President) / Permanent Committee of the International Conferences of Social Work (Vice President)
  • Jean de Siebenthal LoN Internal Control (LoN Clerk)
  • Katherine Irene Stafford LoN Intellectual Cooperation and International Bureaux Section (LoN Secretary of Section) / LoN Secretary-General's Office (LoN Assistant Secretary)

Congresses in this place

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