International Law Association

International Law Association, Association de Droit International
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Founded: 1873
Sources: HB 1921, HB 1923, HB 1925, HB 1929, HB 1936, HB 1938


Council of 60 members; 18 of them form the Executive Council (HB 1921-25). Council of 67 members, of whom 25 form the Executive Council (HB 1929). Conseil de soixante-quinze membres au maximum, dont vingt-cinq au maximum forment le Conseil exécutif (HB 1936). A Council of not more than sixty-five members, not more than twenty-five of whom form the Executive Council (HB 1938).


Relationships with other Organisations



Réformer et coordonner le droit des nations et améliorer les relations internationales (HB 1921/23/25). The reform and codification of the law of nations and the improvement of international relations (HB 1929). Réformer et codifier le droit des nations ; favoriser la coopération et la bonne entente internationales (HB 1936). The Association exists to study and elucidate international law, public and private, and so to contribute towards its development; to establish plans for the settlement of cases of the conflict of laws, and to promote good understanding in the relations between peoples (HB 1938).


Cotisation de membre: £ 1; cotisation d'une association: £ 2. (HB 1921-25) Subscriptions, £1 for members (life-membership, £10), £2 for associations (HB 1929). Cotisation des membres: 1 livre sterling par an ou 10 livres à vie. Pour les Associations, 2 livres par an (HB 1936). Subscriptions of members, £1 per annum (life membership £10). £2 per annum for associations (HB 1938).


Publication de rapports des conférences, monographies, etc.


Conférences internationales; publication de rapports des conférences, monographies, etc. (HB 1921-25) International Conferences to which are presented reports by various committees, and monographs; 35th Conference, Warsaw, 1928. Publication of reports on conferences, monographs, etc. (HB 1929). Conférences biennales dans divers pays. A ces conférences sont soumis des rapports émanant des commissions, ainsi que des monographies sur des questions de droit international. Dernière conférence: la trente-huitième, tenue à Budapest, en 1934. Prochaine conférence : en France, en 1936 (HB 1936). Biennial conferences in various countries. Reports from the committees and monographs on questions concerning international law are submitted to these confe rences. Last conference, 39th, in Paris in 1936. Next conference probably in the Netherlands in 1938 (HB 1938).