International Medical and Scientific Association for Physical Education and Sport

International Medical and Scientific Association for Physical Education and Sport, Internationale Sportärztliche Vereinigung, Union Médicale et Scientifique Internationale d'Éducation Physique et de Sport, Fédération Médicale et Scientifique Internationale d'Éducation Physique et de Sport
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Founded: 14/2/1928
Sources: HB 1929, HB 1936, HB 1938


General Committee; Executive Committee.


Members in these countries

One member for each country, to be chosen by the proper official authorities in that country. (HB 1929) Deux membres par pays. (HB 1936) Two members for each country. (HB 1938)
Argentina (since 1936) , Belgium (since 1936) , Brazil (since 1936) , Czechoslovakia (since 1936) , France (since 1936) , Germany (since 1936) , Hungary (since 1936) , Italy (since 1936) , Netherlands (since 1936) , Norway (since 1936) , Poland (since 1936) , Portugal (since 1936) , Romania (since 1936) , Spain (since 1936) , Sweden (since 1936) , Switzerland (since 1936) , United States of America (since 1936) ,



To deal with all questions in the field of medical sport and physical training, so far as they are international in character; to hold congresses, etc. (HB 1929) Etudier toutes les questions relatives à la médecine sportive, à l'éducation physique et aux sports dans le domaine biologique et scientifique, dans le plan international. Organiser des congrès internationaux, etc. (HB 1936) To study all questions relating to athletic medicine, physical education and sport, in the biological and scientific field, from an international standpoint; to organise international congresses, etc. (HB 1938)


A subscription has not yet been called for, but maybe decided upon later. (HB 1929)

General facts

In 1925, on the occasion of the Olympic Educational Congress, an ad hoc Medical Committee was set up, the present President of the Association being its Chairman. This Committee desired to continue its work on a permanent footing, but was unable to do so. The idea was again taken up by Dr. Dybowsky, of Lemberg, Dr. Mallwitz, of Germany, and Dr. Knoll, of Switzerland, in the spring of 1927, and the Association was founded at St. Moritz at the time of the second Olympic Winter Sports. (HB 1929)


Congresses and meetings when required. The next congress is to be held in 1932 on the occasion of the Olympiad in America (Manager- Dr. J. Brown, jr., President of the New York Y.M.C.A.). The next meeting will be held in 1930, at the Olympic Congress in Berlin. Publications as occasion requires. (HB 1929) Congrès tenus à Amsterdam (1928), Los Angeles (1932), Chamonix (1934). Le prochain congrès aura lieu en 1936, au moment des Jeux Olympiques à Berlin. (HB 1936) Congresses held at Amsteidam (1928), Turin-Rome (1933), Chamonix (1934), Berlin (1936). (HB 1938)