Department for Timber Utilisation

Department for Timber Utilisation, Ausschuss für Holzverwertung, Commission Internationale d'Utilisation du Bois
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Founded: 1935
Sources: HB 1938


A Council assisted by the Permanent Secretariat.


Members in these countries

National organisations in the following countries:
Austria , Belgium , Canada , Czechoslovakia , France , Italy , Poland , Romania , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom , Yugoslavia ,



To work for international co-operation in the sphere of revalorisation and utilisation of timber. The Department establishes and maintains contact between national organisations for timber research and propaganda. It organises and arranges exchanges of documents, information, etc., between the various affiliated or member countries.


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General facts

The Department was formed in Vienna in January 1935, and has held three international conferences : Paris (1935),-London (1936) and Paris (1937).


Timber and its Uses (Le Bois et ses Utilisations), an international review formerly appearing under the title of Timber Propaganda (Propagande du Bois) (6-8 times a year). Fourteen numbers have appeared in English, French and German.


Organisation of an annual International Timber Conference and at the same time a General Assembly of the D.T.U. Reports and works dealing with questions of timber revalorisation. International collaboration in all spheres of timber utilisation. Exchange of scientific publications and communications.