International Agricultural Credit Conferences

International Agricultural Credit Conferences, Internationale Agrarkredit-Konferenzen, Conférences Internationales du Crédit Agricole, Conferenze Internazionali del Credito Agrario, Conferencias Internacionales para el Credito Agricola
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Founded: 1932
Sources: HB 1938


Committee, consisting of President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary-General, Four Counsellors.


Members in these countries

Institutes of agricultural credit: banks, savings banks in Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey.
Austria , Czechoslovakia , France , Germany , Italy , Switzerland , Turkey ,



a) To co-ordinate in the international sphere the different activities connected with agricultural credit, b) to promote and organise periodical congresses and meetings of an international nature and bring about in this connection exchanges of views and ideas on subjects connected with agricultural credit, c) to carry out the proposals adopted by such meetings.


Voluntary contributions from the member institutes.

General facts

The first International Agricultural Credit Conference was held at Rome on the occasion of the Fourth International Congress of Agricultural Instruction (Rome, October 1932), at the end of which it was decided to set up the Secretariat of the International Agricultural Credit Conferences in a permanent form. The second International Agricultural Credit Conference met at Paris in January 1933, the third at Berlin in May 1933, the fourth at Budapest in 1934 and the fifth at Vienna in September 1936.


Le Crédit Agricole — Bulletin of information and documentation. "Records" of the fifth International Agricultural Credit Conference (in the Press).