Washington N.W.: Washington D.C.: United States of America

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People from this place

  • Frank Hall Permanent International Commission of Editors of Catholic Newspapers (Member of a Committee) / International Bureau of Catholic Journalists (Member of a Council)
  • Fred J. Libby International Peace Press Bureau (Member of a Council) / International Peace Bureau (Vice President)
  • Alanson B. Houghton World Conference on Faith and Order (Treasurer)
  • C. J. West International Committee for the Publication of Annual Tables of Chemical, Physical, Biological and Technological Constants (Member of a Committee)
  • Dr. William Bowie Pan-American Geographical and Historical Institute (Honorary Chairman) / International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (President)
  • E. N. Munns International Union of Forest Research Organisations (Vice President)
  • R.H. Frederik C. Walcott International Office for the Protection of Nature (Member of a Committee)
  • Dr. R. Mohler Permanent Committee for International Veterinary Congresses (Vice President)
  • Dr. C. F. Marvin The International Fixed Calendar League (Vice President) / The International Fixed Calendar League (President)
  • M. G. Shepherd International Congress of Working Women (Secretary)
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