Versailles: France

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People from this place

  • Clément Colson Association Internationale des Chemins de Fer (Member of a Committee) / International Railway Congress Association (Vice President)
  • Dr. Albert Demolon International Federation of Agricultural Brainworkers (Member of a Committee) / International Society of Soil Science (Vice President)
  • Raymond Lucien Adolphe Mage LoN Health Section (LoN Clerk)
  • Georges Michaelis LoN Précis-Writing Department (LoN Interpreter)
  • Denise Rose Josephs née Dreyfus-Lang LoN Pool (LoN Shorthand Typist)
  • James Alistair Brown LoN Distribution of Documents (LoN Head of Department) / LoN Distribution of Documents (LoN Assistant Control Officer)
  • J. Prudhommeaux International Federation of Leagues for the Defence of the Rights of Man and Citizens (Secretary General)

Congresses in this place