Narciso de Freire de Anrade

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1899-2-16 16/2/1899 (in Lisbon: Portugal )

Nationality: Portugese

Roles in Organisations


  • Lisbon: Portugal
  • Portugal 1926-1928 (Attaché de Légation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Portuguese Secretariat of the L.O.N.))
  • Unspecified -1/8/1928 (Secretary of the Commission for Luso-Hispano-Amercian Studies)
  • Portugal -1/8/1928 (Secretary of the National Commission for Intellectual Co-operation)
  • Unspecified -1/8/1928 (Secretary-General of the Hispano-Portuguese Conference on the warer falls of the River Douro)
  • Portugal -1/8/1928 (Secretary of the General Assembly of the National Overseas Bank)
  • Portugal (Member of the Order of Lawyers of Portugal)