Dr. Tsefang Huang

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1899-7-4 4/7/1899 (in Amoy: China )

Nationality: Chinese

Roles in Organisations

  • LoN Health Section : LoN Member of Section (LoN First Division) (24/3/1930-23/3/1933)   


  • Amoy: China
  • Hankow: China -24/3/1930 (Commissioner of Health)
  • Beijing: China -24/3/1930 (Commissioner of Health)
  • Beijing: China -24/3/1930 (Lecturer in Public Health, P.U.M.C.)
  • Unspecified -24/3/1930 (Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation)
  • Unspecified -24/3/1930 (Counsellor, Ministry of Health, Chinese National Government)
  • Singapore: Asia -24/3/1930 (Prior to taking up his duties in Geneva he has been requested by Dr. Rajchman (http://www.lonsea.de/person/index/5418) to familiarise himself at Singapore with the work of the Eastern Bureau of Epidemiological Intelligence and assist the Director of the Bureau during the session of the Advisory Council of the Eastern Bureau which took place at Batavia from 16th to 28th February 1930.)