World Federation of Commercial Travellers

World Federation of Commercial Travellers, Confédération Mondiale de la Représentation Commerciale
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Founded: 1908
Sources: HB 1929



Relationships with other Organisations



To unite all commercial travellers and agents; to furnish the affiliated associations with a centre and support for the protection of their general corporate interests, and to assist members in their work.


A subscription of 0.25 of the currency unit of the country to which each association belongs.

General facts

The Federation was founded in 1900, but not legally constituted until 1908. All activities were suspended between 1914 and 1924. It was legally reconstituted in 1924 as between the former Allied countries. In 1926, an agreement was reached with the ex-enemy countries. In 1927 a conference was held at Lausanne to prepare for the formation of the World Federation of Commercial Travellers. An International Congress was held at Paris in May 1929.


"Le Fédéral"


Protection of the profession and improvement of conditions by all regular and lawful means.