The Japan Student English Association

The Japan Student English Association, 日本英語学生協会, Nippon eigo gakusei kyôkai
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To promote international friendship, and to introduce Japanese culture through the English language; to establish friendly relations among English-speaking students in Japan; and to contribute to international diplomacy through students.


1. To explain Japan to various foreign countries by issuing pamphlets and manifests. 2. To keep contacts with student groups in foreign countries for the purpose of mutual exchange of opinions. 3. To welcome students representatives from abroad, and to show them Japan in its true light. 4. To send proper student diplomats abroad. 5. To hold annual Japanese-American student conferences in Japan and America. 6. To keep contacts with fellow countrymen in America, and to strive for Jaanese-American amity. 7. 1. A general meeting in spring, summer, autumn, and winter of each year. 2. A weekly broad-meeting.