The Japanese Red Cross Society

The Japanese Red Cross Society, 日本赤十字社, Nippon sekijûjisha
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Founded: 1877




According to the principles of the international treaty , and maintaining a continuous relationship with other national Societies, to relieve the sick and injured in time of war; to help in time of natural calamities; to improve health; to take preventative measures against disease; and to alleviate suffering.


1. Activities in Time of War: 1. Sanitary services for the army and navy. 2. The training of relief personnel. 3. Preparation for hospital supplies. 4. Caring for the sick and Wounded, soldiers and sailors. 5. Caring for the prisoners of war. 6. Reeducation of the disabled soldiers and sailors. 2. Activities in Time of peace: 1. Relief services in time of disasters. 2. First aid work on highways and lifesaving works. 3. Activities in the prevention and stamping out of tuberculous and other infectious diseases. 4. Free treatment of patients. 5. Protection of children and mothers, antenatal and post-natal. 6. Education in popular hygiene. 7. The training of public health nurses and the diffusion of public health. 8. Junior Red Cross activities. 3. International relief services. 4. Administration of the Red Cross Museum in Tokyo, publication of magazines, etc.