LoN Minorities Section

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  • Tamara Goetze LoN Secretary-Shorthand-Typist (LoN Second Division) 10/12/1923-26/10/1933 : Minorities Questions / LoN Secretary-Shorthand-Typist (LoN Second Division) 1/6/1934-18/5/1940 : Minorities Questions
  • Abol-Hassan Khan Hekimi LoN Member of Section (LoN First Division) 1/8/1926-31/5/1941
    Representative of Persia
  • Louise Aimée Mayras LoN Secretary of Section (LoN First Division) 1/1/1934-31/1/1940 : Released on 8.1.1940.
  • Marie Henriette Schmitt LoN Shorthand Typist (LoN Second Division) 1/6/1926-31/12/1933
  • Peter Christian Schou LoN Director (LoN First Division) 2/7/1936-30/6/1937
  • Rasmus Ingvald Berentson Skylstad LoN Director (LoN First Division) 1/1/1938-1/3/1942 : Director, Minorities Questions Section; temporarily in charge of Dept.III from 2.10.1939 and from 1.3.40 in charge of Dept.III and I. (Suspended 1.2.1941)
  • Nancy Williams LoN Member of Section (LoN First Division) 31/8/1936-31/1/1939 : Invalided out of service 31.1.1939.