The Japanese Women's Overseas Association

The Japanese Women's Overseas Association, 海外婦人協会
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Founded: 1927




To promote international friendship, as well as to contribute to Japanese and foreign culture through Japanese women upholders of national morality; and to guide and educate Japanese emigrating overseas.


Periodical organ: ''Nippon Fujin Kaigai Kyokai Kaiho" (Japanese "Women's Overseas Association Report)


1. Exchange of cultures with foreign nations through classes, lectures, study groups, publications, foreign language courses, and exhibitions; exchange of women delegates and cultural representatives; correspondence and exchange of publications. 2. Establishment of women's clubs for foreign and Japanese members and guest-members. 3. Reception of "second-generation" investigation bodies from abroad. 4. Encouragement of the overseas emigration of Japanese women. 5. Consultation on overseas voyages; mediation for marriages. 6. Good offices for young Japanese from abroad in their studies in Japan, and offers for their guidance and supervision. 7. Establishment of an emigrant women's cultural school and a women's home, to be used for necessary preparatory instruction of women expecting to emigrate, lodging for "second-generation" students in Japan, and various other, assemblies. 8. Extension of friendship to fellow countrymen in oversea colonies, and all other necessary works. 9. Periodical organ: ''Nippon Fujin Kaigai Kyokai Kaiho" (Japanese "Women's Overseas Association Report).