The Japan Amateur Athletic Association

The Japan Amateur Athletic Association, 大日本体育協会
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Founded: 1911




To establish firmly the fundamental policy of physical training and athletic sports and to promote their healthy development by controlling as well as directing the amateur athletic organizations, and thereby encouraging the development of national spirit.


1. To give answers to official inquiries relating to sports, and to present the Association's opinions to the government and to public or private organizations. 2. To control affiliated societies, to plan mutual contacts and cooperation among them and to lend assistance to their undertakings. 3. To represent Japan in the Oriental Amateur Athletic Association. 4. To send suitable contestants to represent Japan in the Olympic games. 5. To create interest and correct understanding of sports by holding lecture-meetings, publishing periodicals, and inviting athletic contestants from foreign countries. 6. All other activities deemed necessary for the realization of the object of the Association.