European Timber Exporters' Convention (E.T.E.C.)

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Founded: 1935
Sources: HB 1938



Members in these countries

The central organisations in the following countries:
Austria , Czechoslovakia , Finland , Latvia , Poland , Romania , Sweden , Union of Soviet Socialist Republics , Yugoslavia ,


Stabilisation of markets through the establishment of export quotas for sawn and planed timber.


Members' subscriptions fixed according to the volume of their timber export trade.

General facts

Founded in Copenhagen on November 15th, 1935, as a result of efforts made by the Northern exporting countries and of the International Timber Conference convened by the League of Nations in the spring of 1932, together with the Timber Exporters' Conferences organised by the I.T.C. since that date (Vienna, June 9th-11th, 1932; Berlin, December 11th-12th, 1933; Vienna, October 25th-26th, 1934). The third meeting was held in Stockholm on September 30th, 1937


Annual General Assembly. Executive Committee: Four meetings annually, one representative for each of the following countries: Finland, Latvia, Sweden, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; three representatives for the five countries belonging to the International Timber Committee: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Roumania and Yugoslavia.