International News-Reel Union

International News-Reel Union, Union Internationale de la Presse Filmée
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Founded: 1936
Sources: HB 1938





The object of the Union is to form an international organisation of news-reel associations; it ias been set up to protect the professional rights and interests of its members and to improve their working conditions in the various countries. (By News-reel Association is meant an organisation consisting of all those who are regularly and exclusively engaged in the preparation of news-reels — namely, directors, editors, commentators, reporters, camera-men and operators of sound apparatus and the specialists who assemble the news-reel).


Each Association or member pays an annual subscription fixed by the Congress.

General facts

The decision to establish the Union was adopted by the International Film Press Congress at Berlin in January 1936. It was constituted at Rome in April 1936, and approved by the Executive Committee at its meeting in Vienna in January 1937.


The Monthly Bulletin of the International Film Press Federation; Year-book.


The Directors' Committee, consisting of delegates of the associations of each country, meets at least twice a year, and an International Congress of the Associations is held annually.