Elaine MacDonald

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1888-2-21 21/2/1888 (in Rangoon: India)

Nationality: English

Roles in Organisations

  • LoN Political Section : LoN Shorthand Typist (LoN Second Division) (1/10/1922-15/4/1931)    LoN Secretary (LoN First Division) (16/4/1931-1/1/1940)   
  • LoN Pool : LoN Shorthand Typist (LoN Second Division) (10/1/1922-19/6/1922)    LoN Secretary-Shorthand-Typist (LoN Second Division) (20/6/1922-30/9/1922)   



  • Rangoon: India
  • Unspecified (Personal Assistant in Belgian Section of "Commission Internationale de Ravitaillement", for 3 1/2 years.)
  • Paris: France (Interpreter and Translator, American Expeditionary Force, for 1 1/2 year.)
  • London: United Kingdom -1922 (Librarian to Sir Robert Witt, Truster of the National Gallery, London for 1 year.)