Margaret Elfrida Frances Roberts

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1900-7-1 1/7/1900 (in London: United Kingdom )

Nationality: English

Roles in Organisations

  • LoN Pool : LoN Stenographer (LoN Second Division) (2/3/1931-13/4/1931)    LoN Shorthand Typist (LoN Second Division) (13/4/1931-30/9/1933)   



  • London: United Kingdom 1/7/1900
  • Unspecified 1919-1924 (Senior Stenographer at Messrs. E. Hulton & Co. Ltd. (Proprietors of Bail; Sketch, Evening Standard etc.))
  • Unspecified 1924-1925 (Secretary to Editor of Technical periodical. at Messrs. Cassel & Co., Ltd.)
  • Unspecified 1926-1931 (Secretary to Foreign Editor of the Daily Herald)