International Theological School (Ecumenical Seminar)

International Theological School (Ecumenical Seminar), Séminaire œcuménique, Ècole Théologique Internationale (Séminaire oecuménique)
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Founded: 1934
Sources: HB 1936, HB 1938


An International Committee representing the Theological Commission of the Universal Council and the international Christian organisations in Geneva. (HB 1938) Executive Committee: The Dean of the Faculty of the University of Geneva. (HB 1938)



Etude des problèmes théologiques internationaux et des mouvements œcuméniques. (HB 1936) Study of international ecclesiastical and theological problems and of the oecumenical movements. The Seminar is placed under the patronage of the Universal Christian Council on life and Work and the Autonomous Faculty of Theology of the University of Geneva. (HB 1938)


Contributions du Conseil œcuménique du christianisme pratique et souscriptions privées. (HB 1936) Contributions from the Universal Christian Council and private subscriptions. (HB 1938)


Le Séminaire organise des cours de perfectionnement pour étudiants ayant obtenu leurs diplômes et pour ministres des cultes appartenant à diverses confessions. (HB 1936) The Seminar organises courses on Church life and main theological currents in the various Churches and undertakes comparative theological studies on modern Church history. (HB 1938)