International Commission of the Oder

International Commission of the Oder, Commission Internationale de l'Oder
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Founded: 28/6/1919
Sources: HB 1929, HB 1936, HB 1938


President: Each of the delegates in turn. (HB 1938)


Members in these countries

Czechoslovakia (since 1929) , Denmark (since 1929) , France (since 1929) , Poland (since 1929) , Prussia (since 1929) , Sweden (since 1929) , United Kingdom (since 1929) ,


To maintain freedom of navigation on the Oder. (HB 1929) Maintenir la liberté de la navigation sur l'Oder. (HB 1936)


The expenses of the Commission are covered by contributions from the States represented. (HB 1929) Les dépenses de la Commission sont couvertes au moyen de contributions versées par les Etats représentés. (HB 1936)


The Commission has already held several sessions, mainly devoted to the drafting of its rules. (HB 1929) La Commission tient chaque année une session ordinaire ; elle peut, en cas de nécessité, se réunir plus souvent. (HB 1936) The Commission has already held several sessions; it can, in case of need, meet more frequently. (HB 1938)