International League of Economic Entente

International League of Economic Entente, Société Internationale pour l'Entente économique
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Founded: 1925
Sources: HB 1929


(1) The General Assembly ; (2) the Managing Committee ; (3) the officers of the Managing Committee ; (4) the General Manager. The Society is administered by the Managing Committee under the control of the General Assembly and of the Auditing Committee.
  • Dr. H. de Kauffmann Chairman and Founder (President) 1929-1936 : General-Manager and President-Founder



HB 1929: The economic understanding and reconstruction of Europe.


HB 1929: Members' subscriptions, subsidies, donations, etc.

General facts

HB 1929: After preliminary enquiries, extending over some years, into the new economic, political and social conditions created by the war, it was decided to form the International Society.


HB 1929: Journal économique international.


HB 1929: The Society has created "l'Agence Mondiale d'infomations " (an International Office of Propaganda), a Journal économique international, and it is engaged in the creation and the organisation of an International Economic Centre, the task of which is to foresee and, if possible, to avoid economic crises ; an international office for the rational organisation of production, trade, navigation and for the management and distribution on a large scale of the products of human activity.