International Association of Blind Students

International Association of Blind Students, Association Internationale des Étudiants Aveugles
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Founded: 1900
Sources: HB 1929, HB 1936, HB 1938


A central secretary and a board of management elected by the members for five years.




International co-operation among blind intellectual workers. Study of foreign languages. Exchange and publication ob books in Braille. (HB 1929) Coopération internationale entre les aveugles intellectuels; étude des langues étrangères; échanges et publications de livres en Braille. (HB 1936)


Sources of income; voluntary donations and contributions, members' subscriptions (5 gold francs per annum); annual expenditure, about 500 Swiss francs. (HB 1929) : Source de revenus : dons et souscriptions volontaires, cotisation des membres (5 francs-or par an) ; dépenses annuelles, environ 500 francs suisses.(HB 1936)

General facts

Congresses at Paris, 1925; Assisi, 1926; Marburg-Lahn, 1927; Vienna, 1929. (HB 1929)


The Association publishes a Review for the public every two years and a report in Braille for its own members every year. (HB 1929) Un volume destiné au public est publié tous les deux ans; un rapport annuel en Braille pour les membres de l'Association.(HB 1936)


The study of questions affecting blind persons pursuing advanced studies. Introduction of a uniform Braille alphabet. Literary and scientific publications in Braille. (HB 1929) Etude des questions relatives aux aveugles qui s'adonnent aux études supérieures; uniformisation de l'alphabet Braille; publications littéraires et scientifiques en Braille. Congrès à Paris, 1925; Assisi, 1926; Marburg-Lahn, 1927; Vienne, 1929.(HB 1936)