Associação Nippon-Brasileira (Kobe)

Associação Nippon-Brasileira (Kobe), 日伯協会(神戸)
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To promote friendly relations between Japan and Brazil, to stimulate trade between the two countries, and to encourage and give aid to Japanese colonization in Brazil.


organs and periodicals


1. To keep in contact with various agencies in Japan and Brazil, and to perform all works necessary for friendly relations between the two peoples. 2. To perform all investigation and research necessary to stimulate trade and to encou¬rage colonization and emigration. 3. To give advice concerning colonists emigra¬tion and employment in Brazil. 4. To supply various materials for reports and explanations, books, commercial samples, etc., for free use and consultation by Soci¬ety members. 5. To establish, for emigrants, classes in the Portuguese language, Brazilian agriculture and other necessary knowledge.6. To give recognition of merit to distinguished workers. 7. To publish organs and periodicals. 8. To diffuse general knowledge about overseas emigration and the conditions in Brazil by lectures, moving-pictures, exhibitions, etc. 9. To encourage and help the development of colonization enterprises. 10. To perform all works necessary to fulfil the object of the Society.