The America-Hawai-Japan Society

The America-Hawai-Japan Society, 日本米布協会
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To offer various facilities to the Japanese redidents in America, Hawaii, Canada, Latin America, etc., and to give proper care and guidance to their children, while studying in Japan.


1. The establishment of the dormitory “Nichibei Home” for the lodging of second generation students in Japan, and their guidance and supervision. 2. The establishment of Nichibei Gakuin (America-Japan School) to give preparatory instructions necessary for entrance examinations; instruction in the Japanese language; and in securing various certificates issued by the Department of Education. 3. Living accommodation for Japanese from America and Hawaii and for those who are related to the Society; advice on the proceedings to go to America. 4. Conveniences offered to tourist and study groups of Japan, consisting of the Japanese in America and Hawaii. All other works necessary to realize the object of the Society.