The International Young Women's Friendship

The International Young Women's Friendship, 国際子女親善協会
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To endeavor to bring about international goodwill between the young women and children of all countries, and to contribute to the furtherance of world culture


Society organ, "World and Girls"


1. Promotion of friendship between primary-school children and students of girls' schools throughout the world by exchange of letters. 2. Introduction of the cultures of various countries through the mediums of publications and moving pictures 3. Exhibitions. 4. Promotion of friendly relations between Japanese children and the children of foreigners resident in Japan; and the introduction of the true significance of Japanese home life to visitors from foreign countries. 5. Furnishing of general information to visitors or tourists. 6. Holding, in Japan, of lecture-meetings, classes, motion-picture meetings, concerts, conversations, etc. 7. Establishment of an International house for foreign girl students. 8. Condolence in case of natural calamities at home or abroad. 9. Publication of a Society organ, "World and Girls."