The International Buddhist Society

The International Buddhist Society, 国際仏教協会
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Founded: 16/12/1933




The dissemination of Buddism to the world at large.


The Young East(quarterly), Buddhism in Japan The Kaigai-Bukkyo-Jijo(monthly) etc.


1. Writings, compilations, translations, and publications of Japanese Buddhism and culture as well as of Buddhist studies; The Young East (quarterly), Buddhism in Japan The Kaigai-Bukkyo-Jijo (monthly) etc. 2. Establishment of Buddhist chairs; sending and exchange of professors and students. 3. Holding of lecture-meetings, seminaries, cinema-meetings, receptions & farewell parties, exhibitions, and memorial services. 4. Donation and Exchange of Buddhistic cultural matter. 5. Establishment and repletion of Japanese Buddhist Research Institute and library for the sake of foreigners engaged in Buddhist research. 6. To take foreigners over Buddhist site and temples. 7. Holding of the International Buddhist Conference. 8. Correspondence with Buddhist organizations, individuals, institutes, and universities, in all parts of the world. (44 branches have been established in those places of the East and West).