World Youth Community for Peace, Freedom and Progress

World Youth Community for Peace, Freedom and Progress, Welt Jugendgemeinschaft für Frieden, Freiheit und Fortschritt, Communauté Universelle de la Jeunesse pour la Paix, la Liberté et le Progrès, Comunidad Universal de la Juventudes pro Paz, Libertad y Progreso
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Founded: 1935
Sources: HB 1938


An international central secretariat of six members: pacifist, liberal-republican, Christian, communist, socialist, non-party


Relationships with other Organisations


To harmonise, co-ordinate and combine the different trends of thought and the various organised forces of youth on a minimum programme, with a view to a joint youth campaign for peace, freedom and progress.


Financial contribution from member organisations and from private individuals.

General facts

Easter, 1935 : International conference convened on the initiative of distinguished writers and scientists, attended by 105 delegates and representatives of organisations of all schools of political, economic and cultural thought from 24 countries. June 1935 : Despatch of an international youth delegation to the nineteenth session of the International Labour Office, Geneva, on the occasion of the discussion of the problem of unemployment among young people. February 29th-March 1st, 1936: organisation of the International Youth Peace Conference, Brussels. March-September 1936 : participation in tjie preparations for the first World Youth Congress, Geneva.


Monthly bulletin: Courrier Universel de la Jeunesse (in French, English and German). Minutes of the International Youth Peace Conference. Juventud, information service on Spanish youth, published by the Universal Youth Community in collaboration with the "Frente de la Juventud" (Spain).


Co-ordination and organisation of the forces of youth on behalf of peace and freedom.